I'm a self taught composer. I've never received lessons or classes for music theory or composition. I don't know notes or scales, I compose by ear. I love composing cinematic and classical sounding pieces. I also draw a lil bit, but rarely.




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AshleyAlyse's News

Posted by AshleyAlyse - March 19th, 2015

Please forgive my long absent from Newgrounds... I haven't uploaded much music lately because I'm working on so many different pieces. Here's a clip from my song "Morning Mist," which I began working on the other day. Decided I'm gonna start uploading stuff I don't have on NG to my Soundcloud, and also bits and pieces of new songs. So if you're a fan of my work, check out my Soundcloud every so often if your lil heart so desires. :o

<3 you guys!



Posted by AshleyAlyse - May 2nd, 2014

Just submitted a new piece of art!

As for music, I'm working on about twelve different songs. I hope to submit one relatively soon. During the meantime, here's a song by Poniiboi and I! It's AWESOME! I made most of the piano in it. :)

Check it out if your wittle heart so desires:


I go by Scrumpty on Instagram. Come forrow me if you wish to see my boring, everyday life adventures or modeling. I also post more doodles on there than I do on here.

Posted by AshleyAlyse - November 24th, 2013

Hello, my poopsies. I submitted a new piece of art, check it out if ye so wish.
Striped Dragon

I haven't submitted any audio in quite a while. I've been working on a dozen different pieces, but I feel as if I've hit a major writer's block. I can't seem to compose anything I wish to. I either get half way through a piece or I try for hours, and nothing good comes out of it. I'm kinda inspirationally drained I guess. *Sigh* I dunno what to do about it. I'm going to message a few composers with the music I've been working on and see if anyone would like to finish it. Anywhay, sorry for not uploading in a long time. I have some personal issues I'm dealing with alongside composing issues. I may start working on my art a lot more though, as I want to become better. So. Expect new art from me, but I'm not sure when I'm going to be publishing new audio. It might be a while, I'm sorry. :(

Thanks for reading!

New Art and Newwwws

Posted by AshleyAlyse - August 23rd, 2013

Hello, lil' turds! I'm back to music composing and hopefully to stay this time! :D
Thanks to the amazing Jacob Cadmus for most graciously bestowing upon me his old computer, I can finally compose again! I missed you, ya stinky nincompoops. <3

Here's my new song:

A Curious Encounter

I cannot believe how significantly happier I am now that I can compose again.... :) I'm gonna pump out a ton of songs for you guys! I can't wait! *Evil French giggle* >:3


Posted by AshleyAlyse - October 30th, 2012

I recently put up a new song. "Remembrance"
Remembrance HQ Version
Remembrance HQ Version (without flugel horn)
Unfortunately, my parents broke my computer a few days ago. They constantly take it away because they think my making music is a huge waste of time. Seems like everything I do, besides cleaning, is a waste of time to them. After many reckless attempts by my parents at hiding my computer, putting it in places like the car trunk, going over bumps and crap with it, moving it around and such... the toll was finally made.

After days and hours upon hours of working with my hard drives and different computer parts, I was able to get my computer and one of my hard drives to work. The other hard drive is trashed and there is no possible way I could even perform data recovery on it. So, half of all my life's work - music, art, documents, loads of homework I've been working on and even modeling photos of mine were lost. At least I was able to save some of my data from one hard drive...

Anyway, my power supply is freaking out and probably won't last much longer. I opened FL Studio up today and it took about 10 minutes just to load up. It won't even play a song with only one instrument in it, so I'm screwed. Computer is busted, so there won't be any music from me for who knows how long. *Sigh* I've been using a Dell Pentium 4 with 500 mb RAM. Making music with it was very hard, but doable. Now it is impossible. The computer is quite old, so I suppose its tragic death was inevitable... I don't know.

If any of you know of good computer deals or whatever - maybe even a 'build your own computer' thingamabob for a nice cost, I would very much appreciate it! (If you guys have computers you would like to get rid of, that work well of course, I would be willing to pay for it.) I would like to look at different options. Sorry for my ramble. Had tuh dew it. :U

Also, I am very thankful to Newgrounds and my awesome fans who made my song being featured on the front page this month possible... Thank you. :)
I look forward to pleasing your ears with more music... hopefully soon!

Posted by AshleyAlyse - October 5th, 2012

Nah, you're not stinky, but my goodness, what is that stench? Perhaps it is my new song that is stinky?
If you would like to hear a relaxing, classical/soundtrack-ish song, you are on the right path.
Here ye be, matey.
Land of the Mystic

I've gotten a few messages asking what strings I used. I downloaded "Miroslav Philharmonik" a while ago and finally downloaded FL Studio last week to try it out. It contains a bunch of lovely sounding instruments. I am particularly fond of a few of the strings. Sure, there's better software and such out there, but if you're a poor little lass like me with a terrible computer, then this works out pretty dandy.

Also... thank you so much, you guys for getting me on the audio section's front page. :) I couldn't uh done it without ya. <3

Posted by AshleyAlyse - September 26th, 2012

I remade my old song A Light in the Darkness. It's very calming.
The Light In The Darkness

It's been a while since I've really uploaded anything, so I apologize.
I'm working on a few other songs that I will have up in no time. ^w^

New song up, my pretties!

Posted by AshleyAlyse - August 11th, 2012

So I broke my arm a while ago. I got my cast off yesterday and I'm now starting physical therapy. Cursed hand... it will not bend forward or backward no matter how hard I try. You shall bow to me soon, hand! ...Soon. Anyway, I'm going to be working on music now that my cast is off and I'm getting the use of my wrist back. Expect some sweet sounds from me soon! Sorry it has been so long! Also going to try to put up some new art!
Got back from my two week trip to Philli a few days ago. It was so much fun! Here's Chris and I being silly, hehe.

Composing music again!

Posted by AshleyAlyse - June 30th, 2012

Unfortunately, you will not be hearing any new music or seeing any new art from me for a while... I'm sorry.

I took the last bottle of dried prunes at the grocery store and an old woman sneaked up behind me, smashed her cane into my wrist (then proceeded to bite it), stole the prunes and ran away. I was left battered and beaten on aisle 3.

Nah, it was actually smashed between a car and a tree.

My wrist is broken in four different places and my radius is also broken. It will take a few months to heal... but I look forward to gifting your ears with fabulous music as soon as I can!

Blimey... this really sucks.

Posted by AshleyAlyse - April 20th, 2012

Hey, guys! I just uploaded In Cor Virtus!! :)
You may download the large file HERE on Soundcloud. Just convert it to an mp3 on iTunes. n_n Enjoy!

Also, here is Stormy Skies, a piano loop I submitted several days ago. Go to RainyMood.com and listen to rain at the same time! :)