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I'm a self taught composer. I've never received lessons or classes for music theory or composition. I don't know notes or scales, I compose by ear. I love composing cinematic and classical sounding pieces. I also draw a lil bit, but rarely.

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Blimey... this really sucks.

Posted by AshleyAlyse - June 30th, 2012

Unfortunately, you will not be hearing any new music or seeing any new art from me for a while... I'm sorry.

I took the last bottle of dried prunes at the grocery store and an old woman sneaked up behind me, smashed her cane into my wrist (then proceeded to bite it), stole the prunes and ran away. I was left battered and beaten on aisle 3.

Nah, it was actually smashed between a car and a tree.

My wrist is broken in four different places and my radius is also broken. It will take a few months to heal... but I look forward to gifting your ears with fabulous music as soon as I can!

Blimey... this really sucks.

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you can type out a message but you can't drag your mouse in a sequencer? or do you not use a sequencer? if so, then use your feet. that's what they are there for, no excuses.

I shall use my feet then. And my nose. lol I was typing with one finger. :P Got my cast off yesterday, and now I'm trying to use my hand again! :)

then us the other hand learn to us it like i did.

I've been trying. D: It's pretty hard!

Is that your right and dominant hand? Awful to hear this happened, I'm very sorry to hear this. Cute 'cover story' tho :3
I presume you were walking when this happened...do you know who did this? Please do your best to get better soon!

Yeah, it's my dominant hand. :( Blah. And yeah, it was a silly accident. Thank you so much! :D

oof that sucks so bad. im terribly sorry about that. i hope you heal up swiftly!

Don't worry, I will be swell in no time! Thank you! :D

Holy smokes, wow I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're alright but that looks brutal. Heal well and strong.

Yeah, wasn't very fun, haha. Thanks a bunch! :)

Wow... This is really sad. I will pray for your swift recovery!

Aw, thank you so much! ^_^

Prunes tsk tsk hope you get better soon :D

Thank you! :D