'Notha song, ya shtinky people!

2012-10-05 15:36:59 by AshleyAlyse

Nah, you're not stinky, but my goodness, what is that stench? Perhaps it is my new song that is stinky?
If you would like to hear a relaxing, classical/soundtrack-ish song, you are on the right path.
Here ye be, matey.
Land of the Mystic

I've gotten a few messages asking what strings I used. I downloaded "Miroslav Philharmonik" a while ago and finally downloaded FL Studio last week to try it out. It contains a bunch of lovely sounding instruments. I am particularly fond of a few of the strings. Sure, there's better software and such out there, but if you're a poor little lass like me with a terrible computer, then this works out pretty dandy.

Also... thank you so much, you guys for getting me on the audio section's front page. :) I couldn't uh done it without ya. <3


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2012-10-07 02:56:36


AshleyAlyse responds:

Nuh uh, that's you! Stop farting, dagnabbit!


2012-10-08 22:03:32

Just realized Land of the Mystic has been playing for the past 45minutes

Awesome stuff =]

(Updated ) AshleyAlyse responds:

Hahaha, really?! Awh, thank you so much! :D Your work is great too! n_n