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I'm a self taught composer. I've never received lessons or classes for music theory or composition. I don't know notes or scales, I compose by ear. I love composing cinematic and classical sounding pieces. I also draw a lil bit, but rarely.

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:( Saddest post ever

Nnnnng. :'c It's ridiculous how dependent I am on a computer, ha. I listened to your new song by the way. Very, very nice. ^ ^

I almost cried. My parents think me making music is PRODUCTIVE... You poor, poor thing... Here, have mah computerz! ;U

Wish I had a million dollars. I'd buy you a sparkling new one. :b

Hahaha, you are too sweet. That makes me smile, thank you. c:

go toh ebay lol
But yeah, I lost a computer a few months ago absolutely full to the brim of music, work and like 10 unfinished flash projects I can't even begin to find motivation for starting all over again. Its a pretty miserable feeling. I'd put it right up there with losing a limb, maybe its 'cos I'm a tremendous dork but I'm not even kidding :Y

Awww, that sucks! I'm sorry! :( Yeah, definitely know the feeling! lol I must be a dork too because I would rather break all of my limbs than lose my hard work. :p Blah. :c

A friend! A friend! I made a potential friend on the interwebz! X3

And you're a self taught composer? Well gee whiz, so am I! Except I suck... I did take a few lessons on how to read sheet music, but that doesn't count, right?

Hahaha, nice! No, that doesn't count. :P

Be careful Ashley. SpeedoSausage commenting on your stuff only means one thing.....He wants your soul.....

When I read that, I thought of the movie The Dark Crystal and the evil Skeksi king drinking the Gelfling's essences. :P lol Don't worry, my guard is up.... He shan't have my essence. >:o

Man that is so sad
Sorry for your loss! Harddrive failure, or in this case destruction, is hard to get over.
But i know you can do it! You have become so awesome at what you do; just think of how quickly it will all be replaced.

Buy your parts from newegg, They will have ANYTHING you need.
And there are always sales and deals.
If you need help piecing one together and have a price range, i can help ya out with that.

I feel for you. Keep your head up!!

Aw, thank you, Rob! :) It's definitely a set back, but I know things will work out for me. I appreciate your help! I will be sure to message you when I find something or have questions and such. Thank you so much. :)

o3o Happeh Holloweenz! Gimmeh Candiez! Naoooooooooooooo! X3

Seems you picked up a stalker. :P


I don't believe that. Let's have Ashley confirm this first.

Personally I have to say that it's BS that they would be stupid enough to sabotage you like that, but then those are similar reasons why I havent spoken to anyone in my family in over 12yrs.
Does your HardDrive spinup? in other words if you plug in just the power cable to it will the motor that makes the platters turn? (you should be able to hear it) if so I should be able to help- I've been doing hardware & software repairs since I was in 3rd grade- & have been building custom business & gaming PC's since 1998. I have done & custom Data Retrevial & Destruction for the military, JCC, Channel 7 news & others. college students & others when I worked as the head technician for CyberNet & Innovative Computers of NNY. If the HD itself isn't smashed to pieces there is a good chance at least some of the data can be salvaged; & assuming you haven't junked it yet-There are 3 major methods of recovery- High, Med, & Low Level Software Recovery (really good Low Lvl software has recovered things I thought would have been impossable- but is much more expensive than the other 2 tiers.) Platter removal / Replacement- I have on 2 occasions needed to remove the platters out of a broken drive (bad motor on one & crushed armature on the
other) & replaced them into new drives matching the specs of the originals. It is a time consuming, delicate process but a much more lucrative & far more sucesfull when others fail or aren't possible. The 3rd is reading the data from the platters directly using an electron microscope- the most expensive, slowest way by far, but it is sometimes capable of retreiving information in other physically impossible ways such as cracked or broken platters. My problem is I have much less to work with than B4 since a housefire torched roughly $60,000 in software alone, as a result I no longer have the good Low Lvl software I would prefer etc, but still have a lot of knowledge to work with. I most certainly would NOT charge you for labor or my time- the only ones would be shipping , or software. If software was involved I would send you the software along with the old & or new drive/s after the completion of the task. U can PM me here on NG, Msg me on FB @ facebook.com/circut.onetree (am on more often) or michael.j.behling@facebook.com (main- 2nd best) Whether you choose to enlist my help or not- May God Bless U! <with smarter parents?>

I hope you find a computer and are back to making music soon. You are talented, and it's a shame for the music to stop coming.

Hope it is going well with you. :)


Hey how's you (and that computer) doin?

Still broken. XD I haven't been able to compose anything in six months. Sucks. :(

And I thought my parents were the only ones who took their kids' computers away. I know how you must feel and wish you the best of luck.

Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? :/ Thank you so much! :D

Did you ever sort out your computer situation? :(

...Nope. :( All of my money is going to medical bills from breaking myself last year. XD I haven't made anything in about half a year, since my computer broke. It's so frustrating not being able to do the thing you love most. :/

That's terrible. You may as well not be able to breath if you can't do what you love. :'(

I wish I could drive to Utah and give you my laptop. I was just out there, too.

I know, that's exactly how I feel! D: Haha, aww, you are too kind. :) Why were you in Utah?

I have brothers living in Las Vegas, Denver, and Ogden (big family), so I drive through frequently. My brother in Utah persuaded me to move out there and work with him for a couple of months.

your parents sound like jerks. I'd be a little more vulgar, but they are still your parents and I don't wanna talk smack. hang in there!

Ouch... Still not going well for you? Dang. Sorry.

Ashley! I'm so sorry to hear this, i'm a HUGE fan of your music, i can even say that is the best classical music on all newgrounds. I would help you if i can, you deserve to be treated a lot better than this.
I think your parents just wanted to help you, but it didn't work :P
Anyway, i hope you can fix your computer and your relationship with your parents.
Thanks for the lovely music, hope it come back soon.

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