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This is positively beautiful, and I can feel a bit of the love you have for your son through this song. It makes me cry. Thank you for letting me experience such heartfelt music. I dearly hope you continue composing, because the world would lose a beautiful talent if you did.

corbetweller responds:

You're words are too kind, Ash. It means a lot coming from someone as talented as you. Thank you for lending an ear and listening to the music of a broken man.

Absolutely lovely, Jon. Such a beautiful piece! I love everything about it!

Bosa responds:

Thank you so much, Ashley!

You never cease to amaze me. :) Beautiful and brilliant piece.

Beautiful piece of music you have here. Lovely transitions, but the violins could be a bit softer.

Earel responds:

Thank you very much for your advise !

Wonderful, wow! :3

Mattashi responds:

Thanks Ashley! :)

Fantastic, the instruments go so well together. So beautiful... Makes my cry! I'm honored by the dedication, thank you. :)

SoundChris responds:

Thanks Ashley - glad you like it. Even i have to say this isnt the final track. The singing has to be recorded in a studio and the track itself shall be expanded. Several singing parts will be polyphonic. But we just had a day to do it or 2. And singing in the night wasnt easy for Juniper who has 2 little children which have to sleep :D

Best wishes

Can you just Matrix your composing and mixing skills into me already?! Kthanks. Jake, this is fantastic! I love the progression and the melody. The instruments all fit together perfectly, I love the overall sound. Very epic and beautiful! Can definitely imagine an epic, cyber punk scene to this!

Jakey-San responds:

I already Matrix'd you my kung fu skills. WHAT MOAR DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

This is fantastic. Great job. :)

RobSoundtrack responds:

Hey thanks Ashley, you the best!
Hope you are doing well, it's been a long time

I've been listening to very little, if any dance music for several years now, but this makes me wanna dive back into it! Very lovely song! Relaxing and beautiful. :) Love it. Was actually very surprised listening to this, you don't find too many songs on here of this caliber. Very talented.

ZimdorGD responds:

Why tank you. And yes I said tank xD. I work VERY hard although my songs are made but not uploaded. :)

I don't have any constructive criticism to offer. Very relaxing, peaceful, and beautiful. Lovely, can't wait to hear what you conjure up next. :)

LawnReality responds:

Glad you like it! :)

I'm a self taught composer. I've never received lessons or classes for music theory or composition. I don't know notes or scales, I compose by ear. I love composing cinematic and classical sounding pieces. I also draw a lil bit, but rarely.




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