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Hahahaha, he looks so creepy! Lovely colors, and very clean. Nice work. :)

In love with how sea creature-y your work is! This really reminds me of a hammerhead shark. Love your style and how your rendered it.

wietzefopma responds:

Thanks a lot Ashley, glad you like it!!

Wow, this is great! Very creepy! Love the shading and highlights. Also the paper you used. Neat style!

koroboy responds:

Thank you very much!!!

I've no idea why anyone would give this other than a five. Beautiful line work, color, shading, everything! This is perfect, great work!

Beautiful! Lovely color use, and style!

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks ! :)

The violin could use some work. You're missing the bridge, chin rest, tuners, etc. The bow hold is wrong, and the fingerboard width is supposed to slim nearing the scroll. Most people may not be able to notice these things, but it's very noticeable to a string player.

Everything else is beautiful! I love the colors, shading, and line work! Great work!

Kairui-chan responds:

Thank you for the feedback! C: I'll look at more references next time

A stunningly beautiful piece! I admire the time you took to make each strand of hair, wow. Beautiful lighting, beautiful colors and wonderfully drawn!

WELL. *cough* Some people obviously need to take a look at the mediocrity of their own pieces before insulting great ones. This is wonderful! Love the coloring, details and the story background! Great work! Can't wait to see more!

Giedrius responds:

I appreciate that.Thank you

I've been looking through your art for the past ten minutes. Really great stuff! :) I love your unique style and use of colors, very pretty! I've always wanted to try water colors. ^ ^

KattyC responds:

Thank you so much :)

This anime makes me laugh so much, hehehe. The shower scene is my favorite part. I love how you laid this out and all the little details you put into it, from the eraser to the pics and crows. Great work, as always! :)

I'm a self taught composer. I've never received lessons or classes for music theory or composition. I don't know notes or scales, I compose by ear. I love composing cinematic and classical sounding pieces. I also draw a lil bit, but rarely.

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