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8/23/13 by AshleyAlyse
Updated 9/12/13

Hello, lil' turds! I'm back to music composing and hopefully to stay this time! :D
Thanks to the amazing Jacob Cadmus for most graciously bestowing upon me his old computer, I can finally compose again! I missed you, ya stinky nincompoops. <3

Here's my new song:

A Curious Encounter

I cannot believe how significantly happier I am now that I can compose again.... :) I'm gonna pump out a ton of songs for you guys! I can't wait! *Evil French giggle* >:3



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*backs up a bit* Well... Nice to see you're back, anyhow.




10/17/13 AshleyAlyse responds:


perhaps not 50s, but yes I would have kindly donated my extra computer to a perverted early-mid 20s Man-shley. ;-)

10/17/13 AshleyAlyse responds:




supermodel body, middle aged gut, or amorphous Jabba-the-Hutt like body, I don't think it's possible to not be fond of someone with those deep, alluring, beautiful blue eyes ;)

ok, I'm sorry, I'll try to stahp hitting on you. this post is supposed to be about your new music that you can now make right!? left you a review. keep up the good work :)

10/17/13 AshleyAlyse responds:

Oy loved zee review. Spank you for it! <3



It was a more of a general comment, as I don't recognize you (JacobCadmus) and therefore couldn't make a guess with your reasons- but are you going to tell me that if AshleyAlyse was actually a 50 year old perverted man you would have the same level of inclination ;)

8/27/13 AshleyAlyse responds:

Jacob is rather fond of perverted old men. He told me so himself, especially after I sent him quite the sexy photo of my middle aged man gut.

oh wow, thanks for the shout out, Ashley!

@S3C - not sure if you're joking or not, but her looks have absolutely nothing to do with my reasons for giving her a computer. I'm legitimately impressed by Ashley's music (it'd be hard not to be impressed!), and it was my absolute pleasure to help her continue and progress as a composer.

8/26/13 AshleyAlyse responds:

That's right, you tell him! lol JK
No problem! You deserve it! :) Thanks, Jake. :3



if you were as pretty as she is VicariousE, you'd get free stuff all the time too lol.

8/26/13 AshleyAlyse responds:

Little does he know I'm actually a 50 year old perverted man. :) Huehuehuehue~



Wow, you were in need and Mr. Cadmus just mailed you his old PC (laptop)? Newgrounds needs a civilian award for such generosity! New song's great too!

8/26/13 AshleyAlyse responds:

Thank you! Glad you think so! :D Yeah, Jacob is such a great guy! There definitely need to be more people like him in the world. :)